Meeting on August 5 with “Bizim Talk” and “Mietrebellen”

We invite you to our eleventh Bizim Kiez meeting on Wednesday, August 5th at 7:00pm in front of Bizim Bakkal on Wrangelstraße

Our neighbourhood is every neighbourhood!

For weeks we have come together to protest against the forced changes in our neighbourhood as part of the Bizim Kiez campaign. What started as a local movement to save a local grocery store from eviction has turned into a fully fledged community campaign to show that our streets are our own, and that we wont be forced out by wealthy investors.

This week we will show the film Mietrebellen: Widerstand gegen den Ausverkauf der Stadt (In Opposition to the Selling Out of our City”, before engaging in a discussion about the best initiatives for ensuring the strength of our community. We will talk about how the real estate industry’s continual attacks on our homes and businesses pose a constant threat, but how we can work together to develop initiatives and strategies to push back against the pressure to vacate.

Bizim Talk: The plan for Wednesday

After the movie, we will have a discussion with the filmmaker Matthias Coers regarding real estate speculation and urban development, along with moves we can all take to protect our beloved community.

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