Bizim «Forum of stakeholders» and Soli-reading meeting on July 1:

The Bizim Bakkal campaign has united us as a neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood of Wrangelkiez and everyone who is in solidarity with us have our sixth meeting this Wednesday, July 1st. As time goes on, we are we become more familiar with each other, and we realise more than ever that our voices can be heard when we come together here.

We feel that the value of our vibrant and colourful neighbourhood is its ability to come together and recognise each other. We are many and varied, from a number of different backgrounds, and with different life experiences. However we understand our united strength, and we understand that we have something truly special in our ‘Bizimkiez’ – our neighbourhood.

The Bizimkiez campaign has already begun our fight

Due to our combined strength so far in the campaign, we have put extensive pressure on the Berlin city council to use the Milieuschutz – Berlin’s public interest law which aims to keep intact local areas which have particular significance – to save Bizim Bakkal. Three members of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg parliament contacted the owner of the building to call for the cessation of the new development. As a result, direct negotiation between Ahmet Caliskan (Bizim Bakkal’s owner) and the building’s landlord has been scheduled.

This shows that our work is not for nothing. We have built pressure and there have been many people – both within the neighbourhood and outside of it – who have stood beside us as we point out the real impacts of gentrification in our area. As our LINK map of displacement /LINK shows, there have been a number of cases where people have been pushed out. We must stand together and be heard.

While we have made some progress, there is plenty more to do.

On Wednesday, July 1, at 7:00 clock,
come to our next neighbourhood forum at Bizim Bakkal on Wrangelstraße.

Bizim Kiez Versammlung 5 vom 24. Juni – Präsentation der analogen Form der "Karte der Verdrängung"

19:00 clock — Information session and Forum of stakeholders

We will provide information about the progress of negotiations and the development of the campaign, using the map of displacement (in german) and showing many more cases that are known in the neighbourhood. We will talk about people’s experience with displacement, with the aim of mobilising those in the neighbourhood to protect the whole kiez.

All are invited to participate, but please register beforehand by email so that we can plan effectively for the forum.

Register own participation as a victim/stakeholder

20:00 clock — Soli-reading with musical accompaniment by Wortfront

A number of local artists, authors and writers will discuss the goals of the campaign, reading their texts and other works which relate to the history of the area. This will include musical performances by local artists including: Svenja Leiber, Ulla Lenze, Annika Reich, Nina Bußmann, David Wagner, January Brandt and Annett Gröschner (artist profiles are only available in German).

Please come along, and remember that we are strongest when we stand together.

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