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Monster on the Streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin!

November saw an eery monster galavanting through eastern Kreuzberg, a district long faced with the destructive problem of displacement of local people and businesses. The monster was arresting enough, but more impressive still were the hordes of enthralled candlelit children thronging through the streets in its tow. Parents and other adults also took part – […]

In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar

Over the past decade, people have poured into Berlin, attracted by its relative affordability, cultural wealth and anything-goes spirit. But now the city is trying to regulate what has elsewhere proved to be unstoppable: gentrification. Under pressure from a growing grass-roots movement, the city authorities have put into effect a slate of measures, including rent […]

Filou, the little bakery is being forced to close by London based owners. #FilouBleibt

A story written by Natalie Holmes  (www.lorezmag.com) she is living on the corner since 8 years Gentrification and the “Berlin Spirit” #FilouBleibt I live in the middle of a bubbling pool of gentrification. Some of its effects are worrying; some, I’ll admit, are welcome. But this latest move feels personal. Filou, the little bakery opposite […]

Bizim Kiez Street Meeting – Childcare Centres, Schools and Families under Threat of Displacement 12th October, 6.00 – 9.00 PM

Bizim Kiez Street Meeting – Childcare Centres, Schools and Families under Threat of Displacement 12th October, 6.00 – 9.00 PM THREATS OF DISPLACEMENT TOWARDS CHILDCARE CENTRES, SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES? More and more educational institutions in the neighbourhood are coming under pressure: Childcare centres: alongside overloaded staff and a lack of capacity there is also displacement […]

On the Ground: Local Demonstration in Solidarity with H.G. Lindenau and M99 General Store for Revolutionary Supplies

On 7th August a large number of people gathered in support of Hans Georg Lindenau of 99 Manteuffelstrasse, Kreuzberg, to demonstrate against his impending forced eviction two days later. It was inspiring to move out from Heinrichplatz into the blazing warm Kreuzberg sunshine as part of a co-ordinated and effective display of neighbourhood solidarity. In […]

Berlin social housing winning the residential race

As house and rent prices soar out of the reach of many in Australia, Berlin provides an illustration of how things can be done differently. Reading the Australian news from Berlin earlier this year, I had to laugh when Tony Abbott said that fast-rising house prices were a good thing. Or when Joe Hockey advised […]

Bizim Kiez October Meeting: Wednesday, 14th October

We must not go on tolerating displacement! Displacement often happens quietly, and without attracting attention to itself, since those threatened are not always strong enough to fight back. Each of us would prefer his or her home to be a place of peace and quiet, because home needs to be a safe space and a […]

14th Meeting on the 26th of August: “Bizim Kiez Stories”

Dear neighbours and interested parties, we invite you to the 14th Bizim Kiez meeting on Wednesday, the 26th of August at 7.00 PM on Wrangelstraße in front of „Bizim Bakkal“ Kiez stories past and present Our Wrangelkiez is currently affected by an alarming number of terminations of contract and cases of displacement. This was certainly […]