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Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters

“Amazon on Thursday canceled its plans to build an expansive corporate campus in New York City after facing an unexpectedly fierce backlash from some lawmakers and union leaders, who contended that a tech giant did not deserve nearly $3 billion in government incentives. The company, as part of its extensive search for a new headquarters, […]

The Berlin way of urbanization

“Germany’s capital, known for its grit, grunge and groove, is having growing pains as it adjusts to its new position as a global city. In a four-part series, Handelsblatt Global editor Grace Dobush reports on Berlin’s quest to avoid becoming another overpriced playground for the nouveau riche, like San Francisco, London or Paris.” Quelle: Handelsblatt […]

AirBnB: The short-let platform is pushing up rents and compromising people’s privacy and security.

In London, there is an annual 90-day limit on how long “entire homes” can be offered for short-term lets. At the end of 2016, Airbnb agreed to apply the same rule to its own listings, and it now proposes something similar in the Scottish capital – a sign, perhaps, that it may not be the […]

Saving the last cheap rents in the West

The magazin “Ex-Berliner” about the situation: “The district everyone associates with Ku’damm bling and Savignyplatz bohème is also home to some of Berlin’s most affordable working-class neighbourhoods… but perhaps not for long. Franziska Helms talked to the Charlottenburgers who are fighting big money to stay in their Kiez. Ultimately, she thinks that the new landlord […]

Berlin residents reject Google Campus

Google wants to build a “start-up campus” in Berlin’s sought-after Kreuzberg district. The city’s mayor is delighted, but local residents fear for their rent, their livelihoods, and the area’s unique character. Google has decided it has found a new place to settle. If all goes to the tech multinational’s plan, an electrical substation-turned-concert venue in […]

In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar

Over the past decade, people have poured into Berlin, attracted by its relative affordability, cultural wealth and anything-goes spirit. But now the city is trying to regulate what has elsewhere proved to be unstoppable: gentrification. Under pressure from a growing grass-roots movement, the city authorities have put into effect a slate of measures, including rent […]

Filou, the little bakery is being forced to close by London based owners. #FilouBleibt

A story written by Natalie Holmes  ( she is living on the corner since 8 years Gentrification and the “Berlin Spirit” #FilouBleibt I live in the middle of a bubbling pool of gentrification. Some of its effects are worrying; some, I’ll admit, are welcome. But this latest move feels personal. Filou, the little bakery opposite […]

STATE ENEMY NO 1 – the Berlin counter-culture legend fighting eviction

Hans-Georg Lindenau’s ‘corner shop for revolutionary needs’ has evaded attempts to close it for 30 years – now gentrification could succeed where the senate failed For more than 30 years, M99, Berlin’s “corner shop for revolutionary needs”, has equipped the German capital’s alternative scene with requisite attire, reading materials and hardware. The semi-collapsed shelves of […]

One-stop shop for urban revolutionaries battles closure

The Financial Times published an article about HG/M99: »M99 is a one-stop shop for the urban revolutionary. For the last 30 years, Germany’s hard-left activists have gone there to stock up on the tools of their trade — gas masks, cans of pepper spray and black balaclavas. M99 is unique, says the rambunctious shop manager […]

Offshore investment funds exploit Berlin’s housing shortage

British offshore investment fund Taliesin has told tenants in one of its Berlin buildings it is raising rents via energy-saving renovation. Critics say Berlin property has become an “Eldorado” for financial speculators. “Deutsche Welle” article online A British offshore investment fund, set up specifically to exploit Berlin’s property market, is using unnecessary refurbishments to boost […]