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Lantern parade against deplacement: Sat Nov.17 2018, 5pm – “We are the neighborhood dragon, the *Kiezdrache*!”

We cordially invite you to our November resistance ritual On Saturday, November 17, 2018 with our anti-displacement lantern parade we will light up areas that we, as neighbourhoods, will not surrender to speculation without a fight. This time we will assemble to form the neighbourhood dragon! What makes him shine? What gives him his superpowers […]

Monster on the Streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin!

November saw an eery monster galavanting through eastern Kreuzberg, a district long faced with the destructive problem of displacement of local people and businesses. The monster was arresting enough, but more impressive still were the hordes of enthralled candlelit children thronging through the streets in its tow. Parents and other adults also took part – […]

Bizim Kiez Street Meeting – Childcare Centres, Schools and Families under Threat of Displacement 12th October, 6.00 – 9.00 PM

Bizim Kiez Street Meeting – Childcare Centres, Schools and Families under Threat of Displacement 12th October, 6.00 – 9.00 PM THREATS OF DISPLACEMENT TOWARDS CHILDCARE CENTRES, SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES? More and more educational institutions in the neighbourhood are coming under pressure: Childcare centres: alongside overloaded staff and a lack of capacity there is also displacement […]

European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City

Cities across Europe are crumbling and being reconstructed to suit the vision of our elites. Banks and private finance are reaping profits from buildings in every context, whether because they are old or because they are new. This ‘regeneration’ keeps money in an area, and people out of it. The state tends to pour money into the […]

Bizim Kiez October Meeting: Wednesday, 14th October

We must not go on tolerating displacement! Displacement often happens quietly, and without attracting attention to itself, since those threatened are not always strong enough to fight back. Each of us would prefer his or her home to be a place of peace and quiet, because home needs to be a safe space and a […]

Open Plenary Meeting on the 30th of September, 2015 at 7.00 PM in the Kerngehäuse

The protest for Bizim Bakkal has made it clear: we have an influence! Not only did the building management company responsible for number 77 Wrangelstraße (Bizim Bakkal) withdraw their termination of contract, but our show of solidarity has also paved the way for other landlords / landladies to sit down at the negotiating table with […]

BIZIM BEATZ – Soli concert for Bizim Kiez at Lido on the 28th of August

Bizim Kiez proudly presents BİZİM BEATZ – FROM AND FOR BİZİM KIEZ Friday, 28th of August at LIDO (Cuvrystr. 7) doors open 7:30 pm. start (punctual!) 8:00pm. Live Bands GÜLINA JAQEE TAPETE TUBBE DJs and MCs from Berlin’s diverse music scene: DJ IPEK IPEKÇIOGLU MEHMET ASLAN LEOSA & DJ ÜMMU GÜRKUŞ DJ LUCHA AMADA & MCs […]