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The »Taliesin speculator« cookie – a recipe for displacement

The »Taliesin speculator« cookie – a recipe for displacement 13th December @ 7PM – 11PM How profits are cooked up on the financial markets out of housing shortages: the international connections between tax avoidance and displacement. This month’s Bizim Kiez meeting and rally will not be out on the street, but indoors, in Watergate (watergate […]

URLab #2 – Platform City

Description The second Mehringplatz Urban Reconnaissance Laboratory takes place in the framework of the Platform Coops event. We will employ two exercises, “Market City” and “CyberCity”, to investigate the effects of ICT and social media on urban economies and how digitally mediated interactions affect urban space. With an eye at the negative consequences in terms […]

European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City

Cities across Europe are crumbling and being reconstructed to suit the vision of our elites. Banks and private finance are reaping profits from buildings in every context, whether because they are old or because they are new. This ‘regeneration’ keeps money in an area, and people out of it. The state tends to pour money into the […]

On the Ground: Local Demonstration in Solidarity with H.G. Lindenau and M99 General Store for Revolutionary Supplies

On 7th August a large number of people gathered in support of Hans Georg Lindenau of 99 Manteuffelstrasse, Kreuzberg, to demonstrate against his impending forced eviction two days later. It was inspiring to move out from Heinrichplatz into the blazing warm Kreuzberg sunshine as part of a co-ordinated and effective display of neighbourhood solidarity. In […]

STATE ENEMY NO 1 – the Berlin counter-culture legend fighting eviction

Hans-Georg Lindenau’s ‘corner shop for revolutionary needs’ has evaded attempts to close it for 30 years – now gentrification could succeed where the senate failed For more than 30 years, M99, Berlin’s “corner shop for revolutionary needs”, has equipped the German capital’s alternative scene with requisite attire, reading materials and hardware. The semi-collapsed shelves of […]

Sticking up for Hans Georg – Eviction Update

  All together with H.G. – we won’t be forced out   This week saw a significant development in H.G.’s eviction case – in an eleventh hour move pre-empting a court decision on whether Hans Georg’s forced eviction could be legally blocked on humanitarian grounds, the landlord accepted the first part of an eviction settlement […]

One-stop shop for urban revolutionaries battles closure

The Financial Times published an article about HG/M99: »M99 is a one-stop shop for the urban revolutionary. For the last 30 years, Germany’s hard-left activists have gone there to stock up on the tools of their trade — gas masks, cans of pepper spray and black balaclavas. M99 is unique, says the rambunctious shop manager […]

Offshore investment funds exploit Berlin’s housing shortage

British offshore investment fund Taliesin has told tenants in one of its Berlin buildings it is raising rents via energy-saving renovation. Critics say Berlin property has become an “Eldorado” for financial speculators. “Deutsche Welle” article online A British offshore investment fund, set up specifically to exploit Berlin’s property market, is using unnecessary refurbishments to boost […]