Saving the last cheap rents in the West


Photo by German Palomeque

The magazin “Ex-Berliner” about the situation:

“The district everyone associates with Ku’damm bling and Savignyplatz bohème is also home to some of Berlin’s most affordable working-class neighbourhoods… but perhaps not for long. Franziska Helms talked to the Charlottenburgers who are fighting big money to stay in their Kiez.

Ultimately, she thinks that the new landlord would just rather see the current tenants out in order to forge new contracts, for which they’d legally be able to demand up to 15 percent more money. “It’s easy to tell from the renovation schedule. They want to open the façade to add new balconies in November, and the windows in the stairwell are to be changed in January. Why would they do that in the middle of winter if not to make things really uncomfortable for us?”


According to Wibke Werner, deputy chair of the Mieterverein, the desire to get rid of existing tenants is most common with medium-sized private investment firms. “Companies that hold more real estate are usually interested in renting it. If you drive everyone out, it can be difficult to repopulate buildings.” This, however, does not mean that big investment groups are friendlier landlords. Take the notoriously neglectful British housing management group GMRE – or Germany’s own Deutsche Wohnen.”

full article online here: 

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