Filou, the little bakery is being forced to close by London based owners. #FilouBleibt

The bakery has been run by this family for the past 15 years

A story written by
Natalie Holmes
she is living on the corner since 8 years

Gentrification and the “Berlin Spirit” #FilouBleibt

I live in the middle of a bubbling pool of gentrification. Some of its effects are worrying; some, I’ll admit, are welcome. But this latest move feels personal.

Local news station RBB interviewing attendees about the #FilouBleibt protest.

Filou, the little bakery opposite our apartment, is being forced to close. According to the building’s owners, the bakery no longer fits in with “the concept of the neighbourhood.” Apparently, the London-based owners know more than I do about the “concept” of my neighbourhood, where I’ve lived for eight years.

If this little corner of the world is not for people who like good-quality, fresh bread seven days a week, then who the hell is it for? And who decides? We all need our daily bread. Closing the bakery is a threat. It’s a signal of intent towards the people who rely on it. It says, “You’re next.”

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more about the case in german language here

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