European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City

Cities across Europe are crumbling and being reconstructed to suit the vision of our elites. Banks and private finance are reaping profits from buildings in every context, whether because they are old or because they are new. This ‘regeneration’ keeps money in an area, and people out of it. The state tends to pour money into the housing of the upper middle classes and promotes a view of housing as investment. This model is hopelessly unsustainable, but the financial sector is about short-term gain…. Our vision is of a different city – and not of a city prior to neoliberalism, but one that has defeated it. We know and experience powerful communities creating true democracy, and cities that work for the people. Some of us come from these communities, and some of us strive for them, but all of us share a vision of empowered inhabitants as both a means and an end in the fight for the right to housing and to the city.

We build solid alternatives while also demanding state engagement for dignified and accessible housing. Empowerment comes from acting together and feeling our collective strength. This is why throughout October many groups from the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City will be taking action against speculation. This speculation causes evictions and displacement, and denies people their right to decent affordable housing. We assert these rights, we block evictions, and now we are going on the offensive. Actions are taking place in Spain, France, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece – and perhaps more. We are also taking action in solidarity with struggles around the world, as part of the recently agreed October: Month of Housing Action. As evictions increase and the weather gets colder, financial speculation in the housing market is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people living in Europe, and tens of thousands of people trying to get to Europe to find a safe secure home. We know what we want for our cities, it’s not up for speculation. Join us in October, and let’s show the financial sector their control is not as strong as they think.

This journey of actions is part of a global mobilization for the right to housing, city, land and habitat, because a very strong process of privatization and exclusion of world inhabitants is taking place. #EuropeNot4Sale, #OurCities #StopEvictions #StopDesahucios

to see the different actions click on the map
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Actions in Lisbon, Spain, France, Ostrava, Milan,
Belgrade, Ciprus, London, Budapest

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