Bizim Kiez Winterfest on 9th December

All are welcome at the Bizim Kiez Winter Party
on Wednesday, 9th December, from 7PM in front of Bizim Bakkal

We are all set for winter and will be using this cold season to cast out the shady characters looking to cash in and displace local people, and we will also be greeting the people who have recently arrived in our neighbourhood after being driven away and having to escape from war.


The original Sesame Street is known around the world as an example of a mutually supportive, well-integrated and alternative neighbourhood. We in Bizim Kiez want to be just as welcoming, and we look forward to getting to know some of the residents from the new facility for refugees in Zeughofstrasse. We will show that you cannot blame shortage of accommodation on refugees, and that speculative vacancy and change of usage are widespread causes of it.

This is why we say: speculators get lost and share with others. Just as demonstrated by the cuddly monster, and all the other offbeat characters who look as if they must have been casted in Wrangelstrasse.

Bring biscuits for all – soup and music is already taken care of!

We will prepare vegetable stews, mulled wine and punch and ask that you bring mugs, spoons and cups with you. And of course it would be great if some of you bring Christmas biscuits, because eating together is the nicest way to get to know one another.

Also Mohamed the flautist, along with winter-proof DJs, will be providing a musical framework for our street celebration.

Bizim Kiez is looking forward to a political celebration in Wrangelstrasse.

We are the street!

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