Bizim Kiez October Meeting: Wednesday, 14th October

We must not go on tolerating displacement!

Displacement often happens quietly, and without attracting attention to itself, since those threatened are not always strong enough to fight back. Each of us would prefer his or her home to be a place of peace and quiet, because home needs to be a safe space and a secure base for building one’s life. Profiteering investors, with their preoccupation with returns and their announcements of modernisation works, destroy tenants’ chances to build their lives on their own terms. No-one can plan for the long term whilst living under threat – not young families, not those preparing for the next phase of life in (what will be) their „retirement flatshare“, nor family-run small businesses.
Home-owners should not be the only ones allowed a future!

Come to the Bizim Kiez October meeting and show your support for our demands:
On Wednesday, the 14th of October at 7.00PM at number 77 Wrangelstrasse (in front of Bizim Bakkal)


We are calling upon politicians to steer things in a different direction at last!

We challenge politicians at all levels – from district to Senate and on up to federal level – to implement the following measures:

At district level:

  • enforce a genuine ban on the breaking up of blocks of rental flats into private flats in milieu protection zones
  • create effective protection for longstanding small businesses and social infrastructure (such as nurseries)
  • manage the establishment of new commercial activities (in vacant properties) in accordance with residents’ needs.

At city level:

  • facilitate purchasing of buildings by district authorities to prevent conversions.

At federal level:

  • grant permits for modernisations only where tenants have need for them
  • promote and grant permits for energy-efficient renovations only if they actually help prevent climate change and demonstrate efficiency savings for the tenants. Stop the blurring together of modernisation work with energy-efficient renovations!
  • Maintenence work must be made compulsory for building owners (and this needs to be enforceable).

We have formulated these (and other) demands in order to protect all city-dwellers from the caprices of the property sector. To achieve this we are also working inter-regionally using our on-line petition to establish protective measures for neighbourhoods and urban districts, and to strengthen the position of tenants.
There are now almost 10,000 of us taking a stand for caring neighbourhoods and against destructive investor interests. This movement is growing – help it to spread!

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